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Today’s Builder Video – Behind the Scenes

I captured some behind the scenes photos while we were working on this ridiculous promotional video inspired by NCIS for the Today’s Builder TV Show. It debuted at the 21st Century Builders Expo this past Tuesday September 17, and was shot entirely on my Canon T2i.


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Today’s Builder – Fogleman Associates Viewing Party

The most recent episode of Today’s Builder TV Show (that I had the pleasure to edit) had it’s own viewing party last night, thrown by Fogleman Associates at a model home in Brunswick Forest. The show will start airing on WECT around the Wilmington, NC area starting September 1, 2013. Typically the shows I edit for Today’s Builder are shot all around the nation, so having the chance to work on a local show with a great builder/sponsors was an awesome experience. After spending over a month designing motion graphics, editing all the sponsor commercials, and editing the show itself, it was uplifting to see the crowd’s response to this episode.

Below you can view some photos from the viewing party.