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AIGA Raleigh
I’ve never considered myself to be a sales person, so attending AIGA Raleigh‘s recent lunch & learn event was a really good idea for me to help increase my skill set. The guest speaker was Dave Fellman, and listening to everything that he had to say helped me tremendously. The audience was engaged and asked some great questions, and Dave’s responses were filled with real world stories that were easy to relate to.

Dave talked about having courage and confidence in your ability, and building trust with your potential customer. I found that building that trust is the most important part about selling your services. You have to make sure that the person you are selling to is confident in your ability to deliver what they need.

Wear Your Selling Hat With Confidence was not only educational, but also inspiring and motivational. Next time I come face to face with a potential client I will have the confidence to sell my services. Keep these events coming AIGA Raleigh