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Images & video from the very first MAGWest in Santa Clara, CA, August 2017.



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Having moved away from the Triangle two and a half years ago, we weren’t able to make it back for SPARKcon the past couple of years. It was quite nice to be able to get out of dodge this weekend, visit with best friends, and hang out at SPARKcon again.

Sarah and I decided to participate in the artSPARK street painting activities again and do a “Birthday Totoro” to celebrate her birthday. You can check out the progression of our chalk square below.

Below are some additional images from the festival featuring more of the street painting squares, live music, circusSPARK, and more!

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MAGFest 13 + Photos!

So MAGFest 13 was awesome. Not that it needed to be said because MAGFest is always awesome.

It has been really cool seeing this festival grow so much. I wish I could have been there from the very beginning, however my first MAGFest was MAG9 and I promised myself I wouldn’t miss one after that. That year it was at roughly 3,000 attendees, this year 17,000… craziness.

This year was spectacular, and I think I was actually able to catch more bands than I ever have in a single MAGFest weekend (see pics below or view FLICKR album). There are so many awesome things to do at MAGFest, but the music is where it’s at for me. Some of the highlights being bands that are fairly new to me like Kirby’s Dream Band, Super Soul Bros, and Do A Barrel Roll. Others being the always awesome likes of Descendants of Erdrick, D&D Sluggers, Bit Brigade, Danimal, Powerglove, The Protomen, The Megas, Triforce Quartet, etc. I still think my overall favorite performances were (just like last year) Lonely Rolling Stars and Viking Guitar.

I somehow also found time for gaming and spent it at the Indie Game Showcase and playing some classics like Bad Dudes 2-player with the wifeypon™. Some notable indie games we played were: Pixel Noir, Vidar, Vagante, and Guns of Icarus Online.

The single best moment of MAGFest had to have been being up front for the transition between The Protomen and Danimal Cannon. All of the performers were on stage and then the crowd was split for Danimal and Kilroy to go all the way across the Potomac Ballroom to the other stage for Danimal’s set to begin. It was totally rad to follow that!

All in all, this elongated weekend consisting of fun times and very little sleep will probably be the highlight of my 2015. Loved seeing so many friendly faces and getting to hang out with my RPGFan.com crowd & the amazing Mediatron Staff!