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YouTube Video Marketing Blog Series
Greetings Readers,

Over the past several weeks I have been working on a new series of blogs for the Rising Stream Media blog on video marketing, specifically, on YouTube video marketing. In these blogs, I am covering things like the power of views, the YouTube Nonprofit Program, appropriately tagging/titling videos, and many more.

Below you will find links to the different YouTube Video Marketing blogs I have written. I will add more as they go live.

Building Your Brand
The Power of Views & Honors
Non Profit Program
7 Quick Tips For Getting More Views
How People Find Your Videos
Product Demos
Good Audio
Following Up
Becoming a YouTube Partner
The Right Person in Front of the Camera
5 Great YouTube Resources
YouTube Space


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Recently, I had the pleasure of attending another AIGA Raleigh event at Porter’s Tavern. This event was called How to Speak Business (Without Really Trying), and was hosted by Woody Holliman of Flywheel Design in Durham, and Patrick O’Neil of Railinc. The discussion centered around design & business lingo, focusing on topics like recognizing types of clients, questions to ask them, and useful concepts/empty buzzwords. The speakers were open to taking many questions, and for the audience to also share stories about clients in the past, the good, the bad, and the ugly. This was a nice experience to get to hear some of these real world stories and relate them to our own experiences. Below you can see a picture of me there.

AIGA Lunch & Learn - Bradley

The Recognizing Different Types of Clients section really hit home for us. The types of clients consisted of the Design Virgin, Divorcee, Bargain Hunter, Napkin Sketcher, Design Blind, and Speculator. I have to say that at one point or another, I’ve come across all of these and their definitions were quite accurate. There are always going to be clients who don’t understand exactly what it is that designers do, and it is our job to educate them as we work together.

The Questions to Ask Your Clients section was also pretty informative. It consisted of the typical questions you should ask your client in the design process in order to come up with a healthy solution. It was nothing new, but a definite reminder to be as thorough as possible in talking with your clients about their project and to do as much research as you can for the best outcome.

What I took away from this lunch & learn is basically this: You have to know exactly who you are working with, and how to communicate with them effectively to also accomplish great design, and in the process make both parties happy and successful. I look forward to attending more great AIGA Raleigh events, so please keep em coming guys!


Artsee Magazine: Promo Video

Greetings all,

Just wanted to share with everyone this really neat magazine that I got to do a project for this summer. NC Artsee Magazine is a bi-monthly publication for artists, art patrons, and art lovers. They cover art events, museums, etc. all around North Carolina.

My company was contacted to produce some video work for Artsee, and I got to head up the promotional video. We got to do another video for their website that was an interview with the Director of Visual Art Exchange here in Raleigh, NC. They plan to have other video coverage of the NC art scene online in the future.

This promo video was a fun and exciting project. They wanted a “minimal” design to go with their magazine/website and the general modern museum look. I used Apple’s Motion & Final Cut Pro to achieve the end result. I absolutely love to use motion graphics, and don’t feel like I get the chance often enough, so this project was very rewarding for myself & the client.

I strongly suggest checking out this creative & informative magazine when you get the chance. You can view the magazine on their website for free, or pick up a copy at any of the distribution points around North Carolina.

NC Artsee Magazine

And below is a link to the promotional video I created for Artsee.

Artsee Magazine Promo from Bradley Pearce on Vimeo.

Artsee Promo