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If you have not had the chance, please visit the Rising Stream Media blog. I write for that now, and below you can read a re-post of my most recent blog for RSM.

Capturing good sound with your video projects is incredibly important. Some would even argue that it’s just as important as capturing good quality video. DSLR cameras are fantastic for capturing cinematic quality video, but they are notorious for their sub-par audio capabilities. Their built-in microphones would capture acceptable audio if recording in a quiet area and very close to the subject, however this is not the typical setting for most productions. Most DSLRs are equipped with a small hole to record audio, and sometimes it is not on the front of the camera. Also, there is a monitoring issue with most DSLRs, until some recent models (Canon’s 5D Mark III), the cameras have not had a way to output audio for monitoring during a production. These are some downsides to capturing audio with a DSLR, but if you know how to jump over these hurdles, there are ways to get great audio to sync up later in post production.

There are many different options to capture separate audio for your DSLR video project like wireless lavalier microphones, boom microphones, XLR boxes, handheld microphones, shotgun microphones, etc. For DSLR audio recording, there are a few diverse little products out there that are affordable and will help produce great results when working with any type of these microphones with an XLR input.

The Zoom H4n and the Tascam DR-40 have become standards for capturing audio for DSLR videography, and they are both capable of 4-channel recording to 2 separate stereo tracks. The Tascam has a friendlier price point for a very minor difference in features. Not only can you plug in different microphones for different setups, but both of these recorders also have their own built in recording capabilities that aren’t too shabby. You can plug headphones directly in to both products for monitoring, and they each sport manual controls to find the sweet spot for your recording situation. Either one of these products is a great addition to anyone’s DSLR production arsenal.

Zoom H4N | Amazon
Zoom H4n

Tascam DR-40 | Amazon
Tascam DR-40




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