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NAB 2012 Banner
Pre-NAB Announcements
Adobe announces Production Premium CS6!
Canon announces 4K capable DSLR ahead of NAB

The NAB show delivers year after year in terms new technologies that change the video production/broadcasting industry. This year’s NAB show had many new offerings worth checking out, below you can find some of the highlights, as well as, sources for more information on the show.

Autodesk Smoke for Mac
On Sunday, Autodesk announced that Smoke would be making it’s way onto the Macintosh operating system, and even with a price cut down to $3495.

Black Magic Design’s First Camera
Monday morning, Black Magic Design introduced their first entry into the cinematic camera industry. It’s equipped with a 2.5K image sensor boasting 13 stops of dynamic range. The camera will also have a built-in SSD recorder, touch screen LCD, meta data entry options, and compatibility with EF and ZF mount lenses. All packed in a hand-held design, this camera will be available in July for a price point around $3000. This will surely be an interesting camera to watch in the market.

Zacuto’s Plasma Light
Zacuto introduced a very interesting plasma light at NAB. The light is soft and won’t damage your eyes if you look directly into it. Check out the video below from Wide Open Camera talking to Zacuto about the plasma light, as well as other new Zacuto products.

JVC Ships Advanced Handheld Camera at NAB 2012
JVC’s impressive handheld 4K capable camcorder, the GY-HMQ10, started shipping on April 16 (during NAB). This little camcorder packs an incredible punch and especially for a low price point of $5550.
Read More Here

GoPro Announcements
GoPro has partnered with Technicolor and is broadening efforts to make the GoPro Cineform Codec more accessible to the professional production market.

Other Great Coverage:
Creative Cow, as always, has excellent coverage of the event in their news section. Other things to check out include Wide Open Camera’s vimeo channel, Richard Harrington’s vimeo channel, and DSLR News Shooter. These guys have some fantastic coverage of NAB with video interviews with some of the industry leading manufacturers.

Creative Cow
DSLR News Shooter
Wide Open Camera Interviews
Richard Harrington’s Vimeo/Pro Video Coalition

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