Judy McCreery

Coming from an art museum background before jumping into the video production world, I understand the limitations of non-profit organizations. For many cases, non-profits rely on volunteers, donations, and a hard-working staff. My heart goes out to these types of organizations, and when I feel like I can lend a helping hand, I do. Off and on now for almost a year, I have been lending my services to the Garner Chamber of Commerce. It’s been everything from graphic design, to video production, to sound design, etc.

Recently, I received a request from the Garner Chamber of Commerce to lend that helping hand for a video interview with Judy McCreery, the mother of the most recent American Idol, Scotty McCreery. The deadline was tight to say the least, but I knew that if I worked together with the chamber we could produce a solid video in a short amount of time. Another catch was the fact that I could not be there for the filming of the interview because it was to take place in Kansas City, not Garner, NC due to the busy touring schedule.

So, needless to say, I could not use my own camera, or have physical control over how the interview was shot. Luckily, I was able to work with the chamber and explain how I thought the interview should be recorded. They had two FlipHD cameras, tripods, and even a couple of H4n Zoom audio recording devices. I drew diagrams on camera placement and cropping in order to get the preferred shots and when I received the footage & audio to edit, I was pleasantly surprised everything worked out great!

I had roughly one week to put together a nice product complete with motion graphics for Garner’s Connect & Plug in the Future Conference. So basically my nights and that one weekend in between were quite busy. I was able to complete a condensed version for the debut at the conference and you can view that below.

An extended (full) version is also now available on the Garner Chamber of Commerce’s Youtube Channel.

Also, for any of you editors out there, you may know that Final Cut hates FlipHD footage. I found a fantastic Compressor droplet that will transcode this footage for editing inside of Final Cut. Thank you Creative Cow Forums 🙂

Flip to ProRes – Compressor Droplet



  1. The video was a huge success at last Thursday’s Connect and Plug in the Future Conference. Amazing work!

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