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Greetings readers,

I have some exciting super-nerd news to share with you! Over the past year I have been chipping away at some new music in an interesting genre and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the tunes that came out of my television while playing old NES games and the like. Call it “chip tune,” or “8-bit music,” or “blips & bloops” or whatever you want. No matter what the name is, it’s nice to know that there are many artists out there creating this style of music with new AND old technology. Some are even using old consoles to create some really fantastic music. I have tried my hand at making some new music using 8-bit noises, loops, effects, and samples from actual games. Nothing is of the caliber of some of these artists, but it’s a starting point. You can find some of my 8-bit inspired songs on 8-Bit Collective under the name Phlustercluck. Seeing Reformat The Planet reinforced my desire to create music like this and I highly suggest checking it out if you can. It is basically an awesome documentary film on the history of chip tunes and the scene, and it’s available to watch on Hulu and Penny Arcade.

Reformat the Planet – Hulu
Reformat the Planet – Penny Arcade

Below you can find links to some really awesome chip artists (and 8-bit graphic artists) and I recommend you check them out.


8-bit Peoples
8-bit Collective
Bit Shifter
And many more…


Paris Graphics
No Carrier

Also, I recently got to spend some time at MAGfest 9, which was totally awesome. It’s a festival that celebrates music and gaming in a great way. There were concerts, vendors, guest panels, gaming competitions, etc and I had an incredibly fun time there. Below are some photos from the chip tune shows I got to see.

Chip Tune 1

Chip Tune 2

Chip Tune 3

Chip Tune 4

Chip Tune 5

Check out this video for a fantastic performance by Chip/Rock Band Anamanaguchi

*Also, A while back I was asked to remix a song for the tribute album to Japanese composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. The album was titled IWADON and my track is available for free download here on Bandcamp.


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