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As stated in my last post, the first music production from the studio was completed and almost ready to share with the world. Now, I am happy to say that Somewhere South of Houston is available for physical purchase, as well as digital download. iTunes and Amazon should be distributing digital downloads soon, but for now CD Baby is where to find the mp3 album.

I anxiously started work on the next Studio Music For Artists album very shortly after finishing Somewhere South of Houston. This next CD promises a peaceful relaxing experience, while delving into the mysterious path of tunage. Titled Organic Melodies, this next album is much more “me” than the SoHo CD. Several of these tunes I had composed parts of long ago and never really finished them. When I started recording them, they evolved greatly into something fun, new, and definitely more complete than before. It was both great fun and very hard work to create another album from the ground up all by myself.

This time, I actually worked on the design aspect at the same time as the music itself. While writing the songs, I was trying to at least think of what I wanted the title of the album to be. After brainstorming several titles, I decided to go with Organic Melodies. It seemed to have a really nice ring to it, and everyone around the studio dug the idea. Then, since this album is more guitar-driven than the first, I wanted to incorporate the guitar as an aesthetic element in the design. I may be biased, but instruments in general (especially guitars) are beautiful to me. Designing something that can make such wonderful tones is a form of art I hope to one day be a part of. The title made me think of instruments floating in the water, so I really went with that theme. Below you will be able to see the mostly finished product.


I am still working out just a few kinks here and there with the music and the graphics before it is sent off for replication. So hopefully the album will be available fairly soon, keep checking back for updates.


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